"On behalf of ESPZEN League Management Services, ESPZEN Soccer School, I would like to extend a warm invitation to your Primary School to join us for one of our forthcoming Primary School Festivals.

ESPZEN is well known in Singapore as the leading organizer of Adult Leagues (circa 160 teams), the first organizer of "age appropriate" Junior Leagues (circa 100 teams, 40 academies) and the pioneer of the "2 hours junior festival" for which we have organized over 30 such events. On the back of these successes, we are embarking on a journey to apply our professional league management services, and our in depth knowledge of junior / youth football, to provide both local and international primary schools a platform in which their students can further develop their passion for the game. All children love the chance to "compete", whether it be in training, friendly matches, domestic Festivals or international Festivals. Competition teaches our children about the world beyond childhood more than anything. It shows them that putting in maximum effort and trying to be as good as you can be will reap rewards; but it also teaches them that life is sometimes grossly unfair - because no matter how much effort they put in, there will always be players or a team that is bigger, stronger, faster, who can put them in their place.

Our festivals are unique, as we limit the number of teams to eight. Eight teams are chosen in order to ensure all teams have plenty of "pitch time", and by limiting squad size to a maximum of 9 (five-a-side) and 10 (6-a-side), this guarantees also every player will have chance to develop. Eight teams also ensures all teams are actively playing, resulting in a high energy and dynamic environment. Parents love our Festivals as they get to watch their child play, interact and bond with team mates, and enjoy the beautiful game.

I would like to thank our trusted partners and host venue partners:- Canadian International School and Dulwich College Singapore for supporting our vision to provide Primary Schools more "organized" opportunities to play festival football.

I sincerely hope your school embraces the opportunities provided within to give young players and their families the chance to engage with our festivals, and if you see me by the side of the pitch, be sure to say hello.

Lee Taylor
Co-Founder, Director and Coach at ESPZEN Soccer School and Academy